Just Alternators & Starter Motors

Opening Times: 9am-5pm

Tel: 01489 788121 | Mob: 07443 046769

Email: mikejasm1@yahoo.co.uk | Email: mikejasm5@gmail.com

Testing, Servicing, Reconditioning, Repairing (and New), Alternators and Starter Motors

Repairing and servicing Alternators and Starter Motors for 30 years. I Opened in 1992 in Park Gate nr Southampton, remained there for 14 years. As soon as I had the chance I invested in my own commercial Building and have continued reconditioning and selling in Botley, southampton for the last 16 years.

What I offer: The chance to have your faulty alternator or starter motor repaired at a big saving over buying a new one. My repairing your faulty device is also often quicker than buying new, either in-garage or online. You also get the chance to have your original unit back; very often a better quality unit than a market replacement.

In todays market your alternator can cost a great deal of money. Alternators often fail at a low mileage because just one minor component is at fault; the rest of the alternator could go on for 100,000 miles or more, so why replace it?


I know that the pricing and standard of work is important when repairing your alternator or starter motor, which is why I only use parts from reputable companies of the highest standard. By the time I'm finished, your alternator will be much better than a second hand alternative, and often better than it was new!

All repairs come with a 6 month guarantee (unless vehicle is used for off-roading, or a boat where corrosion is likely).

Price guide (all total, no VAT to pay):

Repair time is one day, possibly half a day. If parts are not in stock an extra day may be necessary for them to be delivered. If this is the case I will contact you.

If you require a more specific quote, please give me a call, likewise if on inspection the job isn't as first quoted, I'll call you first before undertaking any work.

Imported vehicles, old tractors, boats and plant machinery all have the possibility of a repair too, subject to inspection. Bring your starter motor/alternator along, and I'll let you know what the job entails and give you a price.

All alternators/starter motors can be delivered by hand or Posted to us, once work is completed we will box and have ready for collection or posting back to your work or home address. Post arrangements will be at your discretion and cant be arranged by us.

If I can't repair then a new or reconditioned unit may be the best option, prices available on request and will be available for next day.


The business, has large car park, the entrence is 0.8 miles down Brook Lane on the right hand side, on the map you will see quite easily,Look for sign "Mistral Farm" The building is painted "grey".

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